"Your Story" Contest Winner - Mike Thommasson


Mike Thomasson is the Assistant Chief at Graford Volunteer Fire Department. He joined the department as a junior firefighter when he was nine years old and has now been on the department for 30 years. He was active in the PK Wild fires and MANY others in the county. My name is Casie, we started dating in October of 2011. He came to me in April of 2012 and asked me to join the Graford VFD and I was a little nervous, but excited as well. I decided to join and haven't had any regrets about it. We are both very active in the department. Mike and I started talking about getting married within the first year of being together. We knew it was fast, but we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  Buckets and Boots Concert of 2013 I decided to take my guitar to the concert to see if I could possibly get it signed by all the performers, so my guitar was in the fire truck. Hours of working the concert parking lot we decided to switch shifts and finally enjoy the show. After Casey Donahue Band finished up he said he would be right back and had a huge grin on his face. I thought he was going to the truck to get my guitar. (he knew how bad I wanted that!)  A little while later he was on stage, pulling me up and I thought he found a way for me to meet CDB and Tracy Lawrence. I was so excited!! When I got to the side of the stage and met Willy from Duck Dynasty and Tracy Lawrence I was absolutely amazed!!! Then he walked to the center of stage and took me by the hand and proposed! I was a nervous wreck but in that moment is was like there was no crowd, there was no lights, no one there but us. Being totally in love with the man, I said yes. Had it not been for a video that his friend caught I would have never heard the screaming and cheering of the crowd. The whole world disappeared to me. We are still going strong and will be getting married May 25th of this year. 3 short months to go and one hell of a memory in my mind. A new door was opened and my life was changed on the stage of the Buckets and Boots Concert of 2013.