Our sponsors are so essentially crucial to all our efforts in supporting the Palo Pinto County Fire Departments. We ask that you join us in sponsoring this year’s Buckets and Boots Concert! We thank you in advance for all your support!


The Buckets and Boots Foundation has proven that a public/private partnership with local volunteer fire departments can make a huge impact in the firefighter’s ability to quickly contain wildfires before they reach the point of spreading out of control.  Our Emergency Relief Fund currently contains almost $100,000. As seen in 2012, this fund can quickly help stop a dangerous threat to the Palo Pinto community. With drought conditions still affecting the area and the prospect of a hot, dry, windy spring and summer, wildfire conditions remain a major threat.


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NRA Country is a celebration of American values. Respect. Honor. Freedom. It's a lifestyle and a bond between the best and brightest in country music and hard-working Americans. NRA Country is powered by pride, love of country, respect for the military, and our responsibility to protect our great American lifestyle. NRA Country celebrates these values with concerts and events benefiting military and veteran services organizations, first responders, conservation organizations, firearm safety programs, and local charities making a difference in their communities. NRA Country will be involved in causes that defend our values and it will empower our artist friends who promote these values to encourage our next generation of leaders.

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