A Message to Firefighters

Everyone at the Buckets and Boots Foundation would like to extend a thank you to all the volunteer fire fighters out there. Thank your for your commitment and service!

“Paying for the Past, Preparing for the Future”

In April of 2011, a series of massive wildfires burned out of control in Palo Pinto and Young Counties. During these devastating fires, over 150,000 acres were destroyed including more than 200 structures and homes and 2 churches that were burned to the ground. In response to the fires and the financial strain it put on local volunteer fire departments and their dated equipment, a group of local property owners founded the Buckets and Boots Foundation and put together a grassroots effort to raise funds to repair and upgrade the firefighter’s equipment.  

The Buckets and Boots Foundation held an inaugural concert at the Rocker B Ranch in Graford, Texas in July of 2011. All proceeds were awarded through a grant process to local volunteer fire departments.  These grants played a key role in purchasing six new fire trucks and aided in the repair of existing equipment and the purchase of new equipment.  Additionally, an Emergency Relief Fund was established to proactively assist local fire departments with future fires. 

During the summer of 2012, fires once again broke out in the Palo Pinto County areas.  The volunteer fire departments rose to the challenge and worked tirelessly to control the fires. Despite their valiant efforts, the massive nature of these wildfires put a significant strain on the local departments. While waiting for the state to allocate additional resources, which takes several days, the Buckets and Boots Foundation was able to step in and make a significant and immediate impact through the use of the Emergency Relief Fund. The Foundation, in a coordinated effort with the local fire chiefs, privately hired ten bulldozers with operators who were able to cut a fire ring around the fires.  This enabled the local departments to control and contain the fires, thus protecting the area and saving thousands of acres and countless homes from imminent danger.

The Palo Pinto Fire Departments are 100% volunteer organizations and rely solely on donations and grants to function properly. To date, the Buckets and Boots Foundation has given out over $638k in grants allowing each department to not only update their fire equipment, but also to purchase proper safety and protective gear and brush firefighter equipment.  This is extremely important given that no structure is worth the life of a firefighter.

Texas has been very blessed over the last year to receive the rain it’s so been needing, but we never know what this summer will bring and need to stay prepared. Thank you in advance for your support!